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MS and the story of our lives

By Maggie Courier

MS is an autobiographical novel that we are writing, filled with different characters, plots, and scenes. We each will pen a veritable cornucopia of chapters, but we must remember that we cannot get to the next chapter if we keep reliving and rewriting the same one.

Remember, no two MS books tell the same story. What happens in my book will not match what happens in yours. We may face similar issues, of course, but they will never be exactly the same.

Do we have the same illness? Yes. The same symptoms and treatments? No. If it works for you, it may not work for me. Do we have to believe in and follow the same medicinal, emotional, therapeutical, or philosophical courses? Certainly not. Should we read about and research what treatments are available for us? Always. Do we have to use all those treatments? No. Remember, this is your life, you are in control. You can accept that some things work for some people, but you should learn to agree with the concept of “to each his own.”

A friend of mine came to me with a problem he was facing. 

“I read that we should avoid sugar to help with MS. But I have sweet tooth. I do not want to lose sugar in my diet, but I do not want to make my MS worse either.”  

Apparently, such decisions do work for some patients, and that is good for them. But causing yourself mental distress over it is an unwise choice. Accepting what other patients choose to do is what we all should do, accept it as they are living their own lives. Making your decisions is your choice to live your own life.