Created by a man with a spinal injury who wouldn't settle for the unnecessary pain that wheelchair transportation caused, QuadshoX offers suspension systems for wheelchairs that eliminate just that.

When you spend most of your time in a wheelchair, comfort and support is key. While going over a large bump or crack in a traditional wheelchair, your body may shift. This can result in spasms, causing discomfort and tightness throughout every muscle in the body. Many times, once you have shifted, and the pain has started, it is difficult to make it stop and get comfortable again.

A greater worry looming over anyone who relies on a wheelchair can be muscle atrophy. The longer period of time an individual spends in a wheelchair, the more their muscle padding is broken down.  Atrophied muscles lack a cushion to absorb shock. Even though some manual chairs have rear suspension systems, certain types, such as the Tilt-N-Space, lack this feature.

QuadshoX aims to address this problem head-on.  

MS Focus is proud to have an MSF Connect Partnership with QuadshoX, LLC. For every purchase made while using our Reference Code below QuadshoX will make a donation back to MS Focus.

When checking out use Reference Code: MSF16

Get in contact with QuadshoX, and eliminate avoidable wheelchair pain while you help MSFocus!
Phone: +1 970-581-8766
Website: http://www.quadshox.com

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