FDA approves myBETAapp and Betaconnect Navigator

June 02, 2017
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a supplemental Biologics License Application for Bayer’s myBETAapp™ and the Betaconnect Navigator™. The myBETAapp and Betaconnect Navigator add to the services that have been developed based on patient feedback, including 24/7 access to nurse support, and the first and only electronic autoinjector for patients taking Betaseron.
With this software, people using the electronic Betaconnect autoinjector to administer Betaseron (interferon beta-1b) can use Bluetooth technology to connect their current autoinjector to the new myBETAapp on their mobile device or computer. Patients have the opportunity to share their injection data with their BETA Nurse and healthcare team. Viewing this data through the Betaconnect Navigator may be a useful tool for the healthcare team to gain insights into patient’s injection history and provide support to those taking Betaseron. Patients using other injection methods to take their Betaseron can also manually enter injection information into the myBETAapp and participate in the sharing of data with their BETA Nurse and healthcare team.
“The myBETAapp and Betaconnect Navigator work cohesively together to support communication and connection between people living with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and their BETA Nurse and healthcare team,” said Daniel Kantor, M.D., FAAN and president emeritus of the Florida Society of Neurology.
The myBETAapp will be available for free download at the Apple app store, Google Play, or Betaseron.com in mid-July. Patients enrolled in Betaplus, Bayer's comprehensive patient support program, can speak directly to a BETA Nurse, who is specially trained in MS.

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