Novartis seeking participants for EXCHANGE research study

February 18, 2020
Novartis is seeking participants for a new study. The EXCHANGE study is looking at a medication for people who have advancing relapsing multiple sclerosis.

The EXCHANGE study is for people with advancing RMS who are already being treated with a disease-modifying therapy. The goal of the study is to see whether switching from a DMT to the medication under investigation is safe for people with RMS. Those taking part in the study will switch from their current DMT to the medication under investigation.

For study participants, visits will take place in the home. Participants will be provided with an electronic device to help communicate with the study doctor through online appointments called “televisits.” For study visits where assessments are needed, a study nurse will conduct visits in the home.

Participants may be eligible to participate in the EXCHANGE study if they:

* are a man or woman, 18–65 years of age
* have advancing RMS (where symptoms are getting worse over time)
* have been continuously treated with an MS medication (e.g., beta-interferons, glatiramer acetate, fingolimod, dimethyl fumarate, or teriflunomide) for at least three months
* live in Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, or Virginia. Please note that participating States may be subject to change.

The EXCHANGE Study has two parts: a screening period and a treatment period. 

* Screening period: Participants will have a televisit with the study doctor to see if the study is right for them and to decide whether participants want to take part. A study nurse will administer home visits to do some tests and take a blood sample.

* Treatment period: Participants will receive the medication under investigation at home and will be instructed on how to take it during a televisit. Participants will have up to four televisits with the study doctor. A study nurse will make home visits four or five times for study assessments and/or blood tests.

Participants will receive a phone call from the study team after having finished taking part in the study, 30 days after the last visit as a health checkup.

To find out more about the EXCHANGE study, visit or call the study team 833-277-0198.

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