AAN issues guideline on vaccines and MS

August 29, 2019
Can a person with multiple sclerosis get regular vaccines? According to a new guideline, the answer is yes. The guideline, developed by the American Academy of Neurology, recommends that people with MS receive recommended vaccinations, including yearly flu shots. The guideline is endorsed by the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers.

In addition, the guideline recommends that people with MS should make sure their doctor or care team knows what MS medications they are using before receiving vaccinations. There is some evidence that shows that certain vaccinations may not work as well with certain MS medications. Clinicians should recommend against using live-attenuated vaccines in people with MS receiving ISIM therapies.

The guideline recommends that people experiencing an MS flare consult their doctor before receiving vaccinations. They may want to consider waiting until the flare has passed before receiving vaccinations. 

Finally, the guideline states that some vaccines might not work well enough to prevent infection for some people with MS who take certain MS medications. However, it is recommended that people still work with their care team to maintain their regular recommended vaccinations, including the flu shot.

The guideline is published in Neurology, the medical journal of the AAN.

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